Skill Enhancement


Skill EnhancementThe Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team conducts free-to-attend Skill Enhancement training for riders looking to hone their skills.

We love to drill.  Team members find it thrilling to develop our skills, put trust in one another, and perform drill routines that require a high level of skill, precision, and focus while performing close slow speed (and sometimes high speed) maneuvers together in a confined space.  We take pride in our abilities and know that not only do our skills allow us to have a lot of fun, they also enable us to be much more comfortable and capable handling our machines in close tight quarters while moving very slowly.  These types of conditions sometimes lead to unnecessary harm to the average rider in urban environments.  We believe that we can contribute to the riding community by providing a free service designed to develop similar abilities and skills in our students making them safer to themselves and to others around them.

Skill Enhancement ProgramWHAT TO EXPECT?

Twice a year the team will conduct a 6 week program which takes place starting at 7pm each Thursday evening at our drill practice site located at the Phoenix Flea Market on Washington in Phoenix.  Sessions are generally held early fall and during the winter, typically October and February.  We will also conduct two compressed single-day sessions perfect for a quick refresher for former students or for those wanting to get a taste of what our longer duration program is like.  The location of these events vary as we try to hold them in geographically advantageous locations for time strapped riders.

Students will be presented with course obstacles designed to simulate difficult situations that riders might find themselves in while navigating the urban landscape or other areas where space is limited.  Imagine being stuck behind a stopped city bus, only a few feet away from it, and being unable to pull off a full-lock turn to the left from a complete stop to get clear from it without having to first back up only to find that a car behind you is too close to make room.  Or image pulling up to a gas pump only to notice that it is out of order.  No worries, just pull a quick u-turn to the other side of the pump in one quick and fluid motion.  Or imagine going down main street Cottonwood, AZ during the Thunder Valley Rally.  No parking on the right side of the narrow main street?  We help you develop the skill necessary to avoid the embarrassing three-point u-turns others employ to get to the other side.  We find that often the skills a rider develops over their time riding is lacking in these areas and that is where we focus our attention.  We find that after our course, riders develop confidence to perform maneuvers that they either didn't think was possible or was something they themselves never thought they could perform.  Even for experienced riders, we often find that after developing these new skills and practicing them, they feel liberated and elevated to a whole new level of riding.  Not only do they have a higher degree of confidence in themselves, they are safer and less prone to make mistakes that could otherwise result in their harm.

Both the multi-week and single-day program will result in the same certificate upon meeting the completion requirements, which may qualify you for a discount from your insurance provider*.  We hope you decide to attend.  Check our website occasionally and follow us on Facebook for training date announcements.  Search for Arizona Precision Motorcycle Drill Team.